Hello readers,

Todays Stats:

  • Weight: 199.8

Workout: Yes
Time: Day

  • 15 mins elliptical / 2 miles / resistance: -2-4 (changing)
  • 10 mins Isolation training (back)
  • 10 mins Heavy bag Muaythai drill

Today decided to create a better format for the blogs.  Will start off the posting with current stats.  Possibly post some food intakes I did and workout routines.  This will create more of a structure system for me and my readers. Let me know what you guys think?

Yesterday was another good day.  It was cold and usually I feel sluggish but weird enough found some extra energy in me.  My diet yesterday consisted of a quick granola bar for breakfast, meatballs and spaghetti for lunch, and crab cakes and tamales for dinner, and a bowl of cereal.  Yes, sounds like a lot but it was actually pretty well balanced but I need to cut more of the carbs after 3pm.  I will start week to week doing the cut of the unneccessary carbs and raise up the fiber and complex carbs into the regimen.  I also felt gassy again but only at night but so far so good. 

Today is the first day I got on the scale.  I am highly disappointed of the weight increase but I feel like by putting it out there now I feel like the goals are a little bit more real.  I want to be 180 lbs at the very least by February so let’s go! I have a lot of work to do but I know what I have to do.  New pic was also taken.  Hopefully the daily pics help! Sorry to gross some people out.  Slim day 5 is on the way! Let’s see where the day takes us.  It’s another blistering cold day in NYC but I am ready to live.  Are you?

Guys – I also posted more LINKS on the left hand side.  These are business I mesh with on a daily basis.  If you are interested on any of the products or the trades let me know.


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  1. i like the way the workouts are broken down and the diet is explained to see that the bios slim life helps you and will try to reach our goals by that time and start to see that change

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