Good day readers!


Weight: 195.5 lbs


Time: Night (12.17.09)

  • Sit-ups: weighted half-way crunches x split-leg raises
  • 3 sets – 200 total reps

Time: Day (12.18.09)

  • Routine:
  • warm-up: 3 min skipping
  • Muaythai workouts:
  • workout: 5-sets x 25 alternating knee strikes x 20 x alternating mid-kicks


  • Cardio day:
  • workout 1: Treadmill – 15 mins – 1.35 mile
  • workout 2: Elliptical – 20 mins – 3.5 miles – level 4-8

Nutritional section: (yesterday’s meal)

Breakfast: Gatorade protein drink + Flatbread with humus, spinach, egg white sammich!

Snack: Almonds & cranberries

Lunch: Salmon with mustard sauce + Tilapia w/ Spinach

Snack: Almonds & cranberries

Dinner: Salad + crab cakes + Terra Chips (10 pieces) + Mango cranberry fruits + a big bowl of cereal w/ almonds and organic whole milk.


What drives me? results! My focus is feeling good inside and reflecting it outside.  I feel awesome yesterday considering my arm was achy and sore.  It was hard to moved but I managed to take care of some stuff at work.  My energy level was up as usual.  The hunger still strikes me as you can see from my eating.  But like I said my body is different and although I am ravenous now I might not be next week.  Slim is definitely taking my energy level up!  I feel lighter and better!  As you can see I dropped another pound.  My eating habits are still the same and the amount is still a lot.  I should focus on less food at night.  But I am trying to be realistic and will not feel starved.  My other diets before I did starve myself and I felt good because I was ripped but felt like crap in the morning.  Slim not only rolls over to the next day as far as regularly moving your bowels it also brings the energy.

My progress has been very good and I feel confident that I will reach my goal.  I hope I take this experience and be able to share it to people as something people can follow.  Although my training is tough it’s my body and I know my limits.  You have to use what you have and build on it.  Not every strengths are similar as others.  Your best could be my mediocre and vice versa.  All I have to say is – “IT TAKES TIME!”  It’s all about consistency and discipline.  We all “try” to do our best in everything whether it be at work or at home.  But let’s not “try” and just “do”.  Don’t stop there! So question is, what drives you? What motivates you to wake up daily and do what you do? Are you motivated? Ask yourself first thing in the morning in front of your mirror…. “WHAT DRIVES ME?”.  We all have a purpose and we all want to succeed but drive is the key.  I am headed to the direction I want.  I control my life!

Folks also here is a link to view people with actual results from using Slim:

Anyway, the day has just begun and I am mad because I forgot my Slim packets and down to my last 3 day supply.  I’ll make it work until my next purchase.  Guys and gals! Enjoy your day and remember – LIVE LIFE AND LIVE HEALTHY!


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