Hello readers,


Weight: 195.6 lbs


Time: Night (12.20.09) – NO

Time: Day (12.21.09)

  • Routine:
  • 25-min Insanity Advance Interval Plyo cardio
  • 30-min Insanity Plyo cardio + stretching
  • 300 regular sit-ups + 50 behind-the-head weighted crunches

Nutritional section: (yesterday’s meal)

Breakfast: Cheese dog x lite Spam (don’t judge!)

Snack: dried mango

Lunch: Chicken parm x angel hair pasta

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Chicken with pink sauce x veggies x full bowl of cereal and almonds


As I write this, my body is slowly cooling down from an intense session of Insanity plyo-cardio workout.  That video is so intense I think my heart rate sky-rocketed to 190 or more.  I feel good and lighter than ever.  Today was another brutal cold day and I even had issues at work working outside.  I felt slow this morning because I had only a few hours of sleep but I found the energy to recoup.  I had my Slim drink at 11am and after that I was pretty good.  My body was still achy from yesterday’s snow adventure and shoveling cardio.  It was my mistake we actually got up to 15 inches in my area.  It was an invigorating time but fun to say the least (see image).  I feel good regardless of the weight going up.  As I said I know my body and regardless of the amount of food I eat I control the times I eat the food and the amounts.  Do not base your Slim results with mine.  This is my documented challenge while still eating the foods I want.  Like I said after a month I will start going through a quicker weight drop but as for now I want it to be gradual and slower decrease because it’s too unhealthy to drop weight that quickly.  I am already starting to notice some stretch marks forming again so I know I am dropping some weight and inches.  I care more about the inches and lean muscle than the actual weight. 

I said I was not going to take any pics but here’s what I look like today.  You can see a little bit of difference and just had to share it.  Do what’s natural for your body and not what you see on TV.  Always try to do above and beyond your best and not anyone else’s.  Your body is a temple and you should treat it with so much care and respect.  Once you learn how to appreciate your body you will see more of a long-term result rather than a quick and easy event-body.  Anyway, it’s family time and as you noticed I have been doing these blogs later and later.  It’s been real hectic but I will make sure I update you guys early again.  Also, down to my last packet of Slim so I will get another case tomorrow and move forward! I am totally convinced and sold on this product.

Live Life and Live Healthy!



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