Hello readers, 


Weight:  194.1 lbs 


Time: Night (12.22.09) – NO 

Time: Day (12.23.09) – REST DAY


Workout tip: BREATHE! with every motion in an exercise during the push or pull position of the workout always breath-out! During starting inhale.  If you find yourself exhausted during cardio routines take a deep breath-in and push a big one out! This will bring in fresh and more oxygen to your blood which will help during those hard and fast pace routines.  It’s important to get your blood oxygenated if not you will cramp up easily!

Nutritional section: (yesterday’s meal)

Breakfast: Gatorade protein shake + almonds

Snack: Almonds and cranberries

Lunch: none


Dinner: 2/3 salmon steak cooked in mole sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes (see image below) x dried fruit snack x pretzel sticks + humus dip x almonds.



I feel sore and definitely in some agony but damn it feels so good.  I could hardly move my arms but it’s worth it.  I had hardly any meals yesterday except for a big dinner including the snacks and yes folks the numbers don’t lie.  I am on track with my Slim challenge and as you can see it’s working.  That’s literally almost 6 lbs in 2-weeks.  Anyway, I did not workout today because my calves are tight and they feel heavy.  My arms are sore from a great session yesterday.  I am considering doing some abs tonight.  Not really much is going on but very excited today because I get to have family time.  I miss being home during the week and playing with my son and spending some quality time with my wife. 

Any New Yorker’s interested in picking up a case of Slim let me know! I have them on-hand and ready for anyone who wants to try them and use before Christmas eve.  Trust me it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  Email me if you are interested.  Anyway, the day is beautiful and can’t wait what it brings me.

Live Life & Live Healthy,



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