Weight:  194.4 lbs 


Time: Night (12.24.09) – NO 

Time: Day (12.25.09) – XMAS DAY

  • Warm-up:
  • high-knees x skips x butt kicks x Heisman drills x mummy walks x skips – 8 minutes
  • Isolation:
  • Workout 1 – Chest cable flyes x single-arm tricep pull downs x rope muay thai knee drills (15 reps x 4 sets)
  • Workout 2 – Wide-arm chest flyes x Bent tricep kick backs (15 reps x 3 sets)
  • Boxing:
  • Straight punch x block x over hand x block x straight x upper cut drills 10 mins (shadow boxing) 
  • Cardio:
  • Treadmill: 15:30 minutes x 1.30 miles
  • Elliptical: 12:38 minutes x 2.10 miles x level 4-6

Workout tip: Hydration is key! ALWAYS DRINK WATER especially when you lips start drying up! Your body is made up of mostly water! Do not wait until you feel pain on your side to drink water.


Breakfast: Gatorade protein shake x almonds

Snack: Almonds and cranberries

Lunch: Jamaican patie (1) x chicken nuggets (8 pieces) (buffalo flavor) YUM! 

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Are you guys ready for this? Duck, chicken meat balls, szechuan beef with (1) food wrap, chinese vegetables, pancit (filipino noodles), fried rice with egg and vegetables, shrimp with walnut, Dunkin Donut munchins (2), white wine (5 glasses), and chinese crackers… oh my God, and 190+ calorie filled cup of sun flower seeds.  I think that’s it..


So I survived the night of indulgence! Yesterday I not mobile at all and stayed home.  I was sleepy and sluggish in the morning since I hardly slept but as the day went on I felt energized and started moving on.  I was so amp yesterday but still ravaged with the food as the day went on.  I know for a fact that I am more hungry as I am getting more and more leaner.  My weight is still at 194 lbs and I am very happy that my body kept at this weight even with the gorge-fest.  Slim is really an innovative supplement that does what it says it will.  My appetite goes up and down probably because I require so much more solid proteins and amino acids.  I am trying not to get into extra supplements and just stick with Slim for now.  How was everyone’s dinner? I expected to be worst but I got full mid-way and didn’t want to pig out.  I got wonderful gifts yesterday especially from my wife! But most of all I got the gift of being surrounded by family.  My son enjoyed his first Christmas.

Anyway, today is another day of indulgence! I am hearing cake is coming as well as good hearty Filipino food.  I am trying to be good but at the same time consistent and realistic.  I am going to survive this and will fight the urges to overeat.  Last night was tough but I think I did very well.  Considering I could have easily jump up to 200 lbs again.  Fun stuff today! Another glorious day in NYC! We probably will just stay at home and chill out.

Live Life & Live Healthy,


PS: I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and family fun-filled Christmas!


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