Time: Night (01.03.10) – YES

  • Insanity – Core & Cardio – Balance – 40 minutes
  • Insanity – Cardio Abs – 20 minutes
  • ABS:
  • workout 1: regular sit-ups (50 reps x 3 sets) x side to side crunches (25 reps x 3 sets)
  • workout 2: kettle bell full sit-ups (50 reps x 2 sets) x side to side alternating knee crunches (25 reps x 2 sets)


Time: Day (01.04.10) – NO – REST DAY




Breakfast: Gatorade protein drink + bowl of cereal w/ dried cranberries

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: homemade turkey meat chilli w/ (2) turkey empanadas (homemade) and baked


Dinner: (6) Thin crust pizza slices + (1) duck thigh



Today is my first day back in the real world.  I loved the day’s off and the fun-filled weekends but back to reality.  Yesterday it was chilly and windy so we hardly did any thing.  It was definitely too cold to go outside.  Anyway, it was fun though because after I did the Insanity training our power went out for 2 hours.  My wife wanted to play Clue in the dark with candles on and possible summon a ghost after hahaha too much paranormal Activity reminiscing.  Anyway, Slim is truly a great product.  This morning looking at the mirror I am starting to notice a big-BIG! difference on the way my stomach is looking as well as my top half.  Still a lot of work for me but it’s now a normal thing for me to see these slight changes without feeling a crash or too much pain in my body.  However, I notice I don’t heal or recoup as quickly as I use to.  Possibly need to introduce more proteins in my diet.  My workouts are intense but controlled with intervals – the rest periods are really short however so I require to a real good energy source.  I go through my 750 ml bottle of water like a camel now.  It’s a great sign but at the same time I need to ante up my intake of certain foods.  In order to see any good positive results I need to bring in more solid proteins (amino acids) as well as hearty veggies.  Like I said the days of over-eating and eating sweets are done.  I was almost tempted again yesterday to take a bite of the evil red cake.  However, I stopped myself.  I just too a sheet of aluminum foil and covered that sumb*tch up.  It’s tough but I want to show that this can be done.  Self-control can be achieved by putting a reality chin check on yourself.  I told myself simply this – “DO YOU REALLY WANT THOSE TO GO ON YOUR GIRLIE HIPS?” hahaha funny but it was not fun wearing size 42 waist pants at 5’7″ and feel like a big blob.  I am now a size 34 inch waist and although I got bigger last year I was a size 32″ waist I am shooting to get that size back and make sure to keep it that way.

Anyway, family if you guys have a moment would like to invite you to go to the testimonial page of my blog to see another addition to the page.  Also, for those interested in learning more about the product, please listen to the prerecorded message by calling 760 569 1140 24 hrs a day. It will explain how slim works and only takes a few minutes of your time! If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to message me here or email me at  This is an invitation for that change I have been preaching LOUD AND CLEAR.  Folks this is not a FAT-LOSS SOLUTION it’s a lifestyle change introduction and vehicle for those who are “TIRED” of being tired of being fat and lazy. Excuses are addicting and like butt cheeks, everyone has one! Don’t be that person and make a change now. If you are struggling with weight, or heart disease of high blood pressure or bad cholesterol – this is the product for you.  Best of all it’s ALL NATURAL I am so excited for anyone who is willing to take this road.  I will help you with whatever I can do.  It’s great to feel alive and well!

Live Life and Live Healthy,



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