It’s been almost five days since I blogged anything.  Like I said I did not want to be repetitive with my blogs so I wanted to keep it brief and possibly just do some quick blogs about my progress and ideas of how to lose weight and enjoy your workouts.  Let’s start with me for a second on my journey to the 15th – I set a goal of 10 lbs! I am not sure how close I am to that now but I feel and see a tremendous difference in my body.  I feel light on my toes again and feel energize despite the cold weather! I usually explode in weight at this time and usually gain an extra 20 pounds or so.  Anyway, I will weigh myself tomorrow and report if I met my goal.  If not I need to re-adjust my diet better.  My eating habits has now come to a simple vegetable-protein ratio – 60% veggies / 40% protein (beef, chicken, fish).  Anyway, Also added fruits in the equation for a source of complex sugars!  Ok, so let’s go with a quick tip for the women today.

2010 Weight Loss Plan for Women (getting ready to burn fat
How to Create a Personalized Exercise Plan for Weight Loss / Fat Loss

If fat loss is your goal, then the basic principle is simple. Create a 3500 calorie deficit and you lose a pound of fat.  So, between your workouts and your diet you will have to find a way to consistently create a caloric deficit.

Set your fat loss goals:
Use a BMI calculator to determine your current BMI. Figure out what it should be for someone of your age, gender, and height. Next, calculate your daily caloric intake. There are several websites that offer these calculators for free.

Choose your exercise program:
You will need to do a combination of cardio exercises to get your blood pumping, increase oxygen, burn fat, rev up your metabolism and raise your heart rate, and weight training to build lean body mass.

Do your cardio exercise sessions long and slow for 45 minutes to an hour at a low intensity. This will cause you to burn fat and not just sugar for energy, it is done at a lower intensity so it’s easier on your joints.

Alternately, you can do shorter bursts of high intensity cardio for 20-30 minutes. This method burns a ton of calories and boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Do cardio for at least 30 minutes a day five days a week consistently. Do not do cardio at a high intensity for longer than 60 minutes or you will begin to burn away lean muscle.

You will also need to do weight training three days a week, but never for two days in a row. Rest is a vital part of weight training. Work lower body in one workout and then upper body muscle groups on the next workout.

Keep a food and exercise journal:
Buy a diet / fitness dairy and write in it daily. If you skip a scheduled workout under that day write, “Skipped workout.” Writing that enough times will make you question how devoted you are to your goals.

Hope this info helps! key here is to be REALISTIC AND HONEST!
Live Life and Live Healthy,
Mr Yamamoto

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