Dear Readers,

Current stats:

Weight: 190 lbs

I am so sorry! I know I was so gung-ho a few weeks ago and then BOOM – I fell back again.  Other than the million of excuses I have planned to write.  I will not.  My goals have been reset (again) and because a lot more people have been using Slim the success rate has increased and my commitment to the product went up even more.  My dedication to helping my clients is there and has advanced.  I am creating different workout routines for different demographics.  I am targeting all levels of fitness from plyo to cardio to iso.  So there is a mixture for everyone.  I also updated my TESTIMONIAL page: and you guys should see the success story of one of my clients.  Awesome hard worker with a regular job and still manage to get these results through Slim.  Anyway, I did not leave you guys I am still here just trying to balance my life better.  But I will make it an effort to keep this going no matter what. 


Live life and Live Healthy,

Mickel Yamamoto


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  1. I’ts definitely hard to keep the right motivation. But its only until you hit bottom and have nothing then are you really truly ready to commit to anything. Helps to have support of friends and family.

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