GTfit 3/7/2011 – Mari “Plyomaniac”

Dear Team GTfit,

45 degrees in NYC today but tonight felt like 30.  Mari came in the ZTC (zombie training center) looking like one.  She was tired, hungry, and was just holding on to the last bit of energy she had left.  She was mentally fatigued and I felt it.  I created a new formula for her; a new workout regimen that will push her even more and it proved to be right.  Today was Plyo/mma drills.  She did a lot of explosive and some dynamic movements that jolted her energy levels up.  It was a Plyocide routine that probably pushed her heart rate to 150-160.  I am proud of her motivation and how she wields that inner fire.  Her training was 1 hour as usual but proved to be her toughest hour yet.

The videos below are not modified; all pure cuts of her endurance and push.

FILM (Fight Inspire Live Motivate)

Tomorrow will be Benjamin “The Thing” Jones turn.  I am sure his heart will be right there; GTfit has really taken a new leaf and has been really pushing the idea of living healthy and living life.  I try to inspire people to be what they think they could never be; be more explosive and daring.  GTfit will transform your way of thinking about yourself and your abilities.  Are you ready for your own challenge?

Live Life!

Mickel Yamamoto


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