GROUP THERAPY Video sessions June 20, 2010

 Dear Warriors,

  Happy Father’s day to all the great dad’s and grandfathers.  Today to celebrate I trained with the latest new member of my workout squad.  Alex has tremendous heart so he helped me pushed the workout to the level I anticipated it to be.  Now just relaxing with my son and enjoying what fatherhood is all about. 

I am still on the grind and still trying to promote Slim, the healthy way of losing and burning fat and decreasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Anyway, I am going to start documenting some of the Group Therapy sessions.  The GT team was created by Johann and I to promote a good team building dynamic and try to get normal guys who does extraordinary and explosive workouts.  I try to incorporate high intense interval training with plyo, iso, calistenics, and full body explosive movements as well as mixed martial arts systems (ie. boxing, muaythai, Sambo, Judo, etc).  We bring in new members as much as we can but also keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses within the group and try to harness the energy of the group.  It’s a positive and safe way to release the stress of the regular guy and wake up the dormant warrior from within.  Anyway, in this video we have Joey and Alex.  Enjoy and please leave some feedback.  Before doing any routines please consult your doctor.  All of us who trains make sure we follow safety guidelines and know our limits.  Don’t ever do anything this intense unless you trust your trainer or workout buddy.  Compete against your best not others…


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  1. good job guys! I’m proud of Joey!

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