Hello readers,

  It has been a while since I wrote on my blog and just wanted to revisit.  So winter is here in New York, Long Island and the temperature drops are coming.  I still have been doing our Group therapy workout system and so far so good for all the members.  So Lady GT (Sou, Rachelle, Sabrina, and new comer Mari) has been really pushing hard.  This past weekend was the first cold chill Polar Xpress workout that I brought in.  It’s very intense and really tested people’s body not only was it only 48 degrees outside they were moving and running constantly.  So, is it safe to train outside in such cold weather? The answer is no, if you are not dressed or trained properly.  Here are my quick tips on how to prepare for the outdoor warrior training.

1) bundle up! as long as your body is insulated you can manage your body’s temperature with taking off a piece or clothing as it rises.  Always wear hats and gloves.  The worst thing you can do is not be dressed properly while facing th outdoors.

2) Warm up! think of your body as a car when you start it you don’t automatically go to 60 mph.  Warm up properly and get your body moving.  A stiff muscle is prone to injuries so if you feel your body is not warmed up yet do so.   dynamic stretching followed by ballistic movement can help warm you up.  Always make sure to ask your trainer or training partner to warm up first.   If not you are risking your body to injuries.

3) Drink something warm or take a hot shower prior to workout! What what you need to revitalize and help your body with a jump-start.  Event putting your clothes in the dryer fo (10) minutes prior to training or prior to going out will help you out.

Just remember safety first! if Rocky Balboa can train in Russia so can we.  During the winter months I will document the groups progression even with our fit test done with I want to see numbers increase.  It should be an interesting winter.  Let’s not stop just because it’s cold or we don’t want to go out to go to the gym.



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