Dear Reader,

 Last week the team took on one of their hardest challenge.  The workout itself was a rapid 1hr 45 min session.  Each member pushed through and really conquered the Polar Xpress.  I am starting to notice body image changes and confidence levels going up in the members (especially the women).  The first sessions was just a warm-up so the first 2-weeks of POLAR XPRESS does not reflect what the team is now doing.  It was baby steps compared to what they do now.  I am very happy to see that the striking sessions have also evolved.  The members have also been getting one homework weekly.  Starting this week they are getting two.  Sou and Mari are definitely getting the full striking stance down pack.  Rachelle has mastered the hand portion of it but is starting to master the leg portion of it.

Anyway, this week is Thanksgiving week and the team is going to go through a diet-plan revamp.  I want to see more results and expecting them for the December fit test week.

I also added a GT info page here so if anyone is interested please let me know.

One Team!


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