GTFit – Mari Castro – 2/21

Happy President’s day folks.  I am back at it again to post up GT.  Today in GT fitness one of my new clients, Mari Castro came in for a one-on-one session.  Today we did an iso-interval session as well as eskrima and muaythai striking.  It was a nice pace for 1hr 15 minutes.  The warm up was basic and slow and we went straight to upper body workout for 30minutes.  5 minutes of Eskrima stick basic hit and block and then my infamous striking clinic.

It was one of those days when it snows in the morning and it feels like penguins are about to come out and play.  Mari fought through the chill and truly showed me what it means to show “heart”.  She will be my focus for the next few months.  Our goal is to drop down 4″ on her waist and 2 pant size down before May.

I will continue to track her progress and see where she breaks and push her triumphs to the next level.  Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? Is the cold slowing you down from reaching your escape? Don’t make excuses.  Be inspired and push on!

Live Life & Live Healthy,

Mr Yamamoto


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