GTfit (Mari 2/25/2011)

Dear readers,

As I look outside in the beauty and serene, quiet GT field.  The snow is almost gone which means the battle grounds are once more ready for my warriors.  Today was a really chilly night once more and Mari as usual comes in right on time.  Today was her Strength and conditioning day.  There was a lot of thought that came to play to compose her workout session.  Mari is showing a lot of fire and determination so the workouts has to match her mood.  Today was no other.  Especially with a close call with a vomit alert but we stopped the light-headed feeling by a quick sugar fix.  Anyway, here are some of the videos.  She’s really showing promise.  Next week we’ll see her vital reports and start marking progress more scientifically.



Ball slams x bent over rows


Hammer curls x regular curls


Olympic Bar Push Ups


Are you challenging yourself? If you want to know more and ask me any questions please contact me at

Live Life; Live Healthy


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