GTfit solo run 2/27/2011 (The story of a slow runner)

Dear GTfit Readers,

Today was definitely a test to my will and ability to push on.  It was 647am when I finally realize I am late for my run.  I was shooting to run at 530am but falling asleep at 230am did not help.  As I got up I ask the question most runners ask themselves “What’s today’s distance?” As a novice runner I really don’t like to shortchange myself.  So went out planning to only do an 8 mile run and turned it to a 14.10 mile challenge:  I nearly went back to bed but I told myself that how can I push GTfit if I don’t practice it.  It was 40 degrees on my phone but as soon as I stepped outside the wind felt like it was 20 degrees.  I kept making excuses to only do first 6 miles and then 8 miles but I did not stop.  I took a new route which inspired me to keep going.  In the end, it was worth the push regardless of the pain on my quads.  This pain is good!

Last year around this time was the first time I really got into running (outside the gym).  I was battling myself from starting to run due to my phobia which stemmed from high school.  Gym class really sticks out when it comes to any physical fitness test.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday – it was a one mile test around the track.  I thought I was in ok shape but once the gym teacher said “GO!” and the whole class started running I jet as hard as I can until I hit the .25 mile.  My heart exploded, my legs felt heavy, and my body started pointing down as if I was doing a dance.  My feet started landing harder and harder.  Not knowing I was a subpronator (neutral) runner and my heel was landing so hard.  So by .5 mile mark I was nearly at a 4mph pace. As I look around I saw literally 59 of my classmates pass me by.  After 18 minutes I finally finished my mile.  I was 15 then.  You would think I could do better.  Now at 32 I am hitting the hard concrete heavier and smarter.  Buying my first Vibram KSO Treks really thought me how to run better (forefoot striking) but still a novice I am done by 2.5 miles.  My usual pace would be 5-5.5 mph for 2miles.  After one month of using Vibrams I was feeling confident.  It was during my introduction and conception of GT with Johann Florendo.  I was intimidated by him due to the fact he was in my opinion in perfect physical form.  He can run, train, and was confident.  After a few months I started running more and incorporated it during GT – 2miles or so before the workout.  In May 2010, I tested myself in Vegas and did a 7mile run (stop and go) but I did it.  I was very proud.  But still not to what some of the GT members could do.  I really envied my friends as well as GT members who boasted about running 10+ miles each while I put my head down in shame.  In the summer time, I ran with Michael Florendo (who is an avid long distance runner and cyclist) who taught me a style of running I was not aware of – which was to stay low and wider strides.  We ran in the beach and after 4 miles or so I nearly collapse.  I fell on one knee as he left me but my mouth was so dry I could not get a clear word out.  His endurance was one I wanted to build myself to.  A really good advice I got from one of my brothers, Alex Cardenas, is to “think lite” – simple enough, right?  At first, I was blown away by the simplicity of that advice.  But once you apply this way of thinking while hitting past 5miles it really does make a difference.  Ever since that day I never turned back.  I felt heavy and see myself as still being  275lbs.  Even with the pinch of confidence I still was not ready, last year since I did not know what type of runner I was or knew techniques and warm up drills I went out blindfolded.  I am a HIIT Crossfit junkie.  I can go blow for blow against any athlete with plyo and strength training for hours but running, ehhhh I am like a snail.  An ankle injury killed my dreams to run around October which left me with a sprained/fractured ankle and Achilles heel.  So for two months I hardly ran but still wanted to keep fighting on.  Mind you this was October 2010 and did not break any serious miles past two around my neighborhood.  On December 4, 2010 I remember being sick and downloading an app called Runkeeper my first run was this: .  But then December 5th, the next day I did 2.5 miles:  Ever since that day I never stopped pushing pass the pain on my ankles and my old reoccuring knee problem plus the fact I did not have proper running gear and shoes.  Was running in tennis shoes – sorry but some people and cultures can’t afford the Mizuno or Nike shoes and yet they run daily.  So I figured I can do it as well – oh yeah nearly had a patella injury and a shin splint in addition to the other pain I was feeling.  In January 2011 I finally did my research and found out I was a NEUTRAL-PLUS Runner.  My foot landed on the outside and I needed extra support.  So I did research and my father-in-law helped me purchase my first real running shoe specified for me – Nike Vomero 5+.  It made a big difference and if you notice (and if you have time) you will see my speed has increased and the pain I use to feel are not as intense.  It’s still there but it’s a lot better.   Anyway, this was just a brief history of what the “heavy” runner.

No matter what you think you can do, do not measure it by what you can accomplish today.  But what you can mentally push your body to complete tomorrow.  Beyond your own expectation; Beyond your physical norm. Don’t be afraid to see what you can really do if you look beyond the “temporary” pain and what people may think.  It’s me against me now and GTfitness was the result of this.  Last year, I could not…today I am doing.  What’s your physical challenge? Please email me with questions and tips.  I am sure I am not the only one who had these issues.  Grow as a person by asking and learning – always adapt and evolve.  GET FIT! DON’T QUIT!

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto


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