GTfit 2/28/2011 – Toras frolic

Dear GTfit Readers,

As Johann takes a deep breath, I laugh and say “You ready for more?” He nods and with each rep GTfit returns.  It’s March and outside feels like Spring is looming and coming around soon.  Today Johann joined me to once more welcome the 2011 GTfit sessions the right way.  The mere whisper of training last year has now transformed to this brotherhood.  I admire him for his drive and appreciation to life and health.  So we entered today with a brisk run (using runkeeper here are out stats: even though my knees were in total pain I put my Mueller knee stabilizer and went along.  Needless to say, 21minute / 2.5mile run blew my mind away.  That was a mere warm up.  Today, we did not skip a beat.  With the ferocity and killer instinct of tigers we went back to back doing 35sec x 5sec rest x 3-4 intervals each of 2-4 movements (videos are below).  1hr and 50 minute of plyo, strength, power movements and not to mention one of my famous ab/core session.  We go to the point where people would call us insane.  This is normal to us.  The GTfit focuses on team support as well as the individual’s ability to push to the limit.  It was a nice 45-50 degree today and as you can see from the video that did not stop us. The run alone was 400+ calories and this workout had to be close to 1000 if not more.   THAT IS SWEAT FOLKS NOT WATER!

**all footage are raw – no special effects or sound except awesomeness 😉

So GT begins again.  The weather does not stop us; it’s us to stops us.  What we do and think we can is a result of who we want to be.  I want to keep pushing myself until the push is no longer there.  Wednesday is a 1-on-1 session with Mari Castro.  That should be fun.  If anyone has questions please ask and post below.  Also, have protein products if anyone is interested.  Get fit and don’t quit until you hit your goals.

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto


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