GTfit 3/2/2011 “Push that Cardio”

Dear GTfit readers,

Today was a typical spring day – sun was out, temperature was 50, and birds were making lil birds.  I took myself out to what I thought was going to be a light run.  I was wrong – I did a 5mile run with a pretty fast pace in my standards.  Also, ended up doing 2minute speed drills which made my heart explode.  After, I did chest/bicep dual interval workout for another 30 minutes.  I am still sore from Monday’s GTfit training.  But I feel good today.  Tomorrow will be a nice leg power training.  I can’t stop – training like a Kenyan.  Trying to get to top running form before June.

Anyway, this day Mari was up against my usual hiit training.  I wanted to push her heart rate at about 150-160 and tehn slowed it down to 130 and then let it pump again at 150.  We did this for 3 seperate hiit sessions.  She surpassed my expectations so I pushed it even harder.  She is really showing a lot of fire and like I said previously, the training has to match it.  She did my endurance drills (crossfit), muaythai striking, and finally a one mile run.  Mari had some shin discomfort so I showed her how to lower herself down and take wider strides.  Will be building more on her running and hopefully she can do a mile straight run in one month.  Her striking has definitely improved considering she has not done any drills in months.  She still has an issue with confidence which we’ll work on.  A shy fighter is a scared one.  With that said I think we can make her sting harder and strike naturally.  Below are her videos.  Very proud of her.

Session one

Session two

Session three


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