GTfit – March 5 2011 “WELCOME BACK”

Dear Team GTfit,

Happy today that I got my GTfit group is back in full effect.  Today Johann, Sou, Mari, Roy-Roy, and new comer Ben showed up to share my Saturday ritual.  Today woke up a little tired and a bit uninspired to get up.  As I laid in bed I thought of the people who look up to me including my son.  Is this the person people will listen to? The person everyone will follow? HELL NO! I pop up and raced downstairs to my subzero temperature basement.   It’s 5am and started to re-write what I know will be a fun starter to Group GTfit.  It was our first Saturday after a long tedious hiatus.  It was worth it after I saw the heart and sweat pouring out today.  It was a great endurance and Muaythai clinic.

Today was the first day trial for Benjamin Jones.  He showed a lot of heart and knowing what his obstacles are I had to revise the workout to conform.  Mid way as expected he hit a wall but with proper breathing and a little push she managed to finish the FULL GTfit session.  I am more than impress by his heart.  I hope he is consistent and stick with it.  Mari today was a bit distracted by her shin pain but I am proud she got herself together after refocusing.  She has been consistently pushing and fighting through all my workouts.  Below is a video of the last station course – it was a 5-movement x 4 interval 35sec each x 5 sec rest workout.  I call it ARMAGEDDON!  I am proud of my team and hopefully I start seeing more smiles rather than exhausted faces.  Like a tattoo you just don’t get it sometimes because it’s cool.  Some people actually get it as a milestone, as an honor, as a tribute to themselves or to others.  To me my ink means my growth and evolution.  Let’s Get Fit! Tomorrow is another group session – let’s see how the team fights on!










FILM (Fight Inspire Live Motivate)

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto


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