Mari – 3/12/11 “I feel light headed”

Dear Team GTfit,

Today was a nice breezy and sunny day in NYC.  Spring is definitely here.  Mari came in just in time for what she thought will be a regular day.  Today was the sheet II to her own private workout system.  Today was her fit test, GTCore, and GTStrike.  Yes you read that correctly 3-different workouts in one day.  She has been off and pushing herself to do what it takes to make it to GTFit so I owe it to her to make sure she gets the possible training.  I told her “I Don’t Want You To Waste Your Money!”, she looks at me as she took the GTFit Test and nodded.  She took on my intense (8) movement x 35 sec x 15 sec rest quick fit test.  So far so good.  She started off slow and she finished properly.  We then commence to the Core which I had to tweak while she worked out because she felt sick.  She stopped a couple of times during the first session.  Even looked at me and said “I feel like throwing up!”.  So far today I had two girls telling me that.  I was happy that she was and glad she pushed through her threshold.  I took her away from her comfort zone and glad she trust me.  She finally understood what breaking through the plateau means.  By the time we finish core and started Muay Thai she has transformed into this machine, a cardio monster.  You can tell, she was shedding away the stress as the workout moves on.  Stress truly can bring a dark cloud above anyone.  It’s the reason and one of the excuses women use why they eat badly.  Energy goes down and then depression set’s in.  You know what’s the number one none prescription drug solution to that? Exercise!


The videos above are some of her workouts.  I feel she is adapting and progressing as expected but I need to break the insecurity that slows this process down.  It’s still a work in progress and she is nearing her first month with me.  I usually don’t like to count the first month of training.  So we’ll see if the numbers match her attitude by month two.  Anyway, thanks for reading and show her your support.  Glad to see her booking (3) sessions this week.  She is truly a warrior.  Heart is her strongest attribute and I am glad I took on this challenge.

This is how we ended today’s session….

Live Life!



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