Ben 3/14/2011 – “Small Steps”

Dear Team GTF,

This tire moves for no man.  This tire laughs at your weakness.  This tire looks at you with disgust and would give you the middle finger if it had hands.  This tire is cold.  The tire only respect the true fighter who can roll with it or toss it around!  Ben has to earn it from this tire first..  It’s amazing how hard you really got to dig when it comes to a true 90-100% GTfit session.  It’s almost a boot camp but with a bit of cushion, especially when you are a beginner.  Today was Ben’s time to show and prove again.  He came in today looking a bit sluggish and a bit tired.  I could not find my workout for him today so I developed on the fly a GTPower session.  I had no worksheet all I knew was I knew what Ben needed as oppose to expecting an isolation session.  THAT IS NOT HOW I ROLL.

We started today with with quick run:

All of his running sessions will now be tracked and I will guarantee a nice progression.  He is not use to running on the pavement so I have to ease him into it without too many injuries.  We still need to work on his strides but from him learning the skipping concept he has an idea of how to foot strike.

So once we got a .6 mile run done it was time for the fun to beginning.  Literally it was a 4workout x 4 interval x no rest in between starter.  It continued on to my usual fun movements.  Anyway, I am going to limit describing what he went through and just show you images and his videos.  Get your recliner chairs, fat-free popcorn, water, napkins, and remember this man is 340+ lbs and he also has asthma breathing related issues.

Let’s just saw after 1hr and 30mins the heavy weight on his shoulder went again and confidence ripped out of this man’s shadow.  Great job Ben – expecting a lot of great sessions to come.

So how are you pushing yourself? Ben asked a lot of questions and was amazed of the simple movements was able to leave him feeling like he conquered today’s session.  I do not sugar coat or ease up especially if I see fire.  This man is showing a lot of promise and I can’t wait with every session he involves himself in.  He is transforming with every small step.


Live Life,



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