GTfit Mari 3/14/2011 “Tough As Nails”

Dear Team GTfit,

Today as we close up Motivation Monday I decided to experiment and change-up Mari’s routine.  We did a quick routine to start as I interview her and find out what her eating habit was lately.  I realized after getting my answer I needed to remind my client that it’s “not what you do in GT; it’s what you did not do when you were not in GT”.  Today we did my usual warm up drills as well as incorporating sprint drills to end the warm-up.  No stretches to keep the body a little more tight but still relax enough not to get injured.  I wanted her muscles to be engaged and tight.  As she powered through a 6 interval x 3 movement workout she realizes that nutrition is important.  My knowledge in food and fitness are aligned and I am serious about it.  She really is tough as hell as she blazed through a 45 minute power and endurance session.  Her videos are below.  Enjoy! I think Mari is really showing more signs of improvement as her endurance is higher as well as power.  But more than anything her desire is huge!!! Great job once again to Mari “T-A-N” Castro.  Watch her GTranformation!  Are you ready to take on the challenge?


Are you ready for your challenge? What are you waiting for?

Live Life,



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