Nutrition: Super Food – Iskiate (CHIA SEEDS)

Dear Team GTF,

So on Saturday, Johann gives me in a small container some seeds, apparently this bird food was the runner’s magical super food, Iskiate or Chia seeds.  If you have never heard of them.  Here is a brief info on them.  Chia seeds are best known as the seeds grown on the “Chia Pet.” The chia plant, Salvia hispanica,  is a member of the mint family native to arid regions of Mexico. Chia seeds are the best known plant source of omega-3 fatty acids!  They are also very high in fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Chia seeds have a long and rich history. They were the 2nd most important crop of the Aztecs, second only to corn.  Chia seeds have a mild, delicious flavor, and can be incorporated into many different foods.

Iskiate is the Tarahumara energy drink, they use it to get them through long distances. the bulk, protein and fiber gives the body something to work with, and some slow releasing calories, while the sugar gives you the instant energy.  So yesterday I tested it and decided to do one of my usual 13mile runs.  I mixed it with 16oz of cytomax which is an energy rush and (1) teaspoon of the iskiate.  Your suppose to make the mixture one hour prior to your run since it’s still solid but once in water it start’s transforming to a gelatin like ball (bubble drink!).  It’s pretty good in this form.  Apparently, there is a drink which is called Chia Fresca which is literally a Chia seed lemon drink.

- 8oz of water
- (2) teaspoon of chia seeds
- (1) lemon
- (2) teaspoon of sugar or less

I will try to make that one next.  There have been questions about the longevity of how long your suppose to leave the chia seeds in liquid but I would advice 24hours for the max amount of time.  But if you want you can always mix the seeds with yogurt or any food you make.  This super food is pretty flexible and can be used in many ways.

The run went well and from my stat comparison I did a lot better on this run and still had power to do an extra mile.  To say the least me and Alex Cardenas did 15+ miles.  To me it was because of the company and I was not running alone.  It’s always good to run with a pack.  Even with the distance I am still a skeptic.  My test will be for next week to see if I can do it again.  This time I will create the fresca version.  For now I will keep an open mind.  I don’t notice too much of a physical response.  To me if “there is no secret recipe” it’s in you to believe and make something special or not.  After testing so many products back then I often believe it’s all in my head.

Here is a video as well about it by an author who wrote about it’s powers and some info about it.


Here is the comparison with Runkeeper stats:

in January my first 15 miler was this:

In March two months later is:

Live Life,



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