GTfit Mari 3/16/2011 – “Endurance”

Dear Team GTfit,

As I write this I am looking at Mari’s videos and notice so much progression.  The toll of GT is really huge but the recovery process is so short that it’s amazing how the body responds to the movements without compromising too much on form.  Today was my Tabata Protocol trial.

It is named after Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., a former researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, who learned about the workout from the coach of the Japanese national speed-skating team.

Specifically, the session consists of six to eight maximum-intensity sprints lasting 20 seconds apiece, with mere 10-second passive recovery periods between them. The session is so challenging and painful that most of the world-class speed skaters who were lucky enough to be the first to try it were totally exhausted after seven intervals. Only a handful could do eight.  The workout proved that intensity was as important, if not, more important than duration.  In a short amount of time you can achieve so much with a quick burst with less rest.  It’s the new-age fitness battle between aerobic and anaerobic training.  I believe in mixing both but I sway towards anaerobic which truly pushes an individual’s limit and increase their lactic threshold.  Which will determine how much the person’s muscles endurance can be pushed.  Mari went through this today!

It was a great success.  This system is meant to push your endurance and break your lactic threshold.

Today we sure did it many times fold and she succeeded in surviving her workout.  She came a little tired and sore.  Which is expected especially for someone who does GT literally (4) times a week.  1-on-1 sessions are really tough but it motivates the muscle to rebuild and to adapt less quicker.  So it’s muscle confusion + endurance push.

Anyway, today Mari did literally:

3 movements x 4 intervals x 8 second rest
35 second total rest time in between segments
5 movements x 5 intervals x 8 second rest
35 sec
3 movements x 3 intervals x 0 rest
35 sec
2 movements x 4 intervals x 0 rest
40 sec rest.

GTstrike –
10 min drills
1min rest
5 min drills
30 sec rest
6 min drills

Do the math!  These numbers are nuts.  She again threatened to throw up but I pushed her even harder.  Friday will be her last session this week.  We’ll definitely do some nice cardio/plyo this Friday as well as GTstrike again.

I am proud of her and her accomplishments.  She is a formidable member.  Weigh-ins coming up next week.  We’ll see if we see more progress.

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”-William Barclay:

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto



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