GTfit Ben 3/17/2011 “It Feels Goood!

Dear Team GTfit,

Ben is at it again after a 3-day rest from GT.  He was very happy to come in and I can tell he was anxious.  A little ankle pain so it was time to get creative.  Today was GTcore, GTstrike but I added GTmetrix.  I won’t go much in detail and let my videos show you what he has done.  Brass Knuckle B is a chef and a music hiphop producer so creativity is essential.  So today I did the same.  I had to adapt to his mood and created what I call the “MORTAR”.  A workout that exploded to a back-to-back HIIT session.

Today however since it was the first time he did core training he literally did 400 crunches total.  This is not counting 8 intervals of oblique twist.  Check out his workout and let me know what you think? As we finished Ben looks at me and says “I feel good” – he says it almost feels as if he wants some more regardless of the torment we put him through.  GT is not about breaking a person down; it’s about building them up from the bottom.  This is a reality check to all athletes.

Tomorrow is a nice half-marathon run.  Hope I survive.


Live Life,



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