GTfit Mari 3/18/2011 “JITT CHALLENGE” Day 1

Dear GTfit Team,

Beautiful day in NYC! had a nice day but it’s not about me or the weather.  Today was Mari’s first month with GTfit.  Today is when it starts counting and she starts plateau’ing.  But not with me.  Yesterday, I made a bet with Mari’s friend.   Apparently Mari keeps getting jokes about her butt.  So, instead of letting it slide I want to make the goals for her a little more define and clearer.

Our bet is this and I am making it public.   Mari is supposed to lose 2 pant size by June 18th (90-day challenge).  If Mari wins Cat will purchase her a summer outfit, whatever Mari wants.  If Mari loses I buy Cat dinner from whatever restaurant she wants (for her only).  This will be officially known as “JUNK IN THE TRUNK” challenge.  This is a bold challenge and I am more than confident we can do it, but Mari has to work for it.  Needless to say I am bringing all I know to the table and pushing Mari.  I will not post too much info on her workout as I want to keep it under wraps for now and not share too much.  I did video her on a few things she did.  The rest is under close watch and will not be revealed.  Today was GTstrike and it was a success.

Tomorrow is Mari’s first month measurement and stats.  I am excited and will be happy regardless of the outcome.  She has come so far and push so hard.  I challenge anyone who is willing to take GT to be as inspirational as Mari.  This was a shy girl who doubter her first team GT session and she now looks me in the eyes and says “ok, what’s next“.  LIFT!

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto


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  1. From this post and your previous ones she sounds like a tough cookie. The best of luck to her!! Very inspirational

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