GTfit Team – 3/19 “Thanks Cat”

Dear GTfit,

Today was truly an example of a team effort.  Mari deviated from her eating regimen so today I decided to make it a group punishment.  This 2000+calorie 1 hr 35 minute workout session was an ode to Cat.  She really does help Mari out a lot even when it feels like she’s ratting her out.  Here is one of our routines today.  Applying the Tabata protocol –

we did a total of (12) intervals of (12) movements
a 1.3 mile run
muaythai shadowboxing session – do the math.
Remember folks when you cheat your eating you are not cheating me.  You are cheating yourself to peak and to perform properly.  I told the team if Mari has to suffer everyone has to as well including myself.  LIFT

Live Life,

Mickel Yamamoto


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  1. I love the picture and the spokesman for G2 is HOT! lmfao

  2. I Just saw the Video and those two are making excuses! =0) Mari looks like she is about to drop dead! Boy I did that? I feel good. I’m gonna go babysit. LOL

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