Running in the Urban Jungle

Dear Team GTfit,

Last week I got an invite by Urban Jungle head trainer Josh Votaw.  Usually I would shy away from any other invitations but this fitness club is notorious for their workout techniques which incorporates cardio with interval training.  Also, I was drawn to their Atienza Kali martial arts which is utilize of edge or impact weapon which is practiced in the Philippines.  It’s a deadly martial arts for close range attacks.  They also do Muay Thai which is also a deadly practice but effective to help protect you and your family from attacks.  This ever-growing family of martial arts, lactic threshold pushing, knife wielding and disarming, crossfit addicts are just like you and I.  Searching for a way to break the mundane weeks and really push to reach our true potential.  Josh and his team are awesome.

Today, I joined their running club.  Which is listed in Running USA .  A total of (11) people showed up including Josh and Catherine’s angel, Taini as well as: Al, Marcus, Kristin, Leo, and my running mate for the day Rick, as well as another person I forgot her name.  This running club is welcome to all fitness levels and all walks of life.  It encourages people to join in to help one another just run, learn it’s basic to advance physics, and have fun with it.  For more info:

Anyway, today we took on Kissena park.  It was a nice sunny day in NYC but still a bit chilly due to the wind factor but nothing compared to my winter runs when it would be 18 or below degrees so to me it was a modest day out.  It was suppose to be a complete run around the park from the outside sidewalk streets which calculating from my runkeeper was 1.8 or so.  I also, started the RK during the warm-up, which Leo led.  Here is the final run stats:  Runkeeperstats

After Josh gave us a brief but informative running tips and asked us if we had questions or concerns we took off.  Josh and Leo broke up into two groups the 9mph and the 10mph group.  As much as I wanted I could only do the 10mph group.  The run itself was consisted of (2) good elevations which was fun since I had Tristan in a regular stroller but still manage to keep a decent pace.  I thought I ran a faster pace but I guess the RK app likes to test me out.  Next time hopefully I can take a more accurate reading.

I let everyone run in front until I started passing two of my group members by and started to catch up to Rick.  We tried to keep the distance gap small as we ran our first lap (which I thought was the only one).  But we noticed Josh and his team running a second one so we followed not realizing they took a turn.  At the 2 mile mark Rick and I started talking while still running.  At this point I warmed up and started to pick up the pace.  Needless to say we did a 4-mile run.  It was good to see someone push and run with me.  I was afraid I would slow people down because of the stroller.  Tristan had a lot of fun especially during the downhill sprints.

Anyway, this run team is definitely fun and all fitness levels are welcome.  Josh is professional and encourages people to work at their own pace at the same time help push each other to meet their goals.  Excited for the next run.  Below are images taken today by  Catherine VotawProperty of Urban Jungle.

If you need more info about Urban Jungle’s fitness and martial arts classes and private sessions please click on the link below: URBAN JUNGLE WEBSITE

What did you do today to challenge yourself? LIFT!

Live Life,


**all photos are property of Urban Jungle


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