Ben 3/22 “comedere iustitiam lucror pugna”

Dear Team,

Today Ben came in strong-willed as always.  Very focus and ready to go.  The worksheet today was an advance workout, Ben is nearing his first month and I wanted to push his threshold some more.  He did the warm up pretty well but I noticed he gassed a little quicker but paid no mind.  His first session was a four-movement x 5 interval session.  We had to stop because his equilibrium was off and we needed to refocus.  It’s a struggle for everyone to not focus on what’s stopping them but rather on what they need to do to find their center.

L-I-F-T are the words you need to know when finding this focus.  It’s a fight or flight sensation but if you don’t find your center you are going to fall, or throw up.  Anyway, today I had to redefine Ben’s workout as well as adjust on the intensity.  When we finally got to the GTstrike segment he caught.  His breathing was more lax but he was still off.  He finally told me what he ate last night.  This explains it.  To me a person’s eating lifestyle is crucial to succeeding in GT and any training systems.  You want to fuel your body properly and excel in your activity you have to fuel yourself properly.  Life lesson, as the title states in latin and translate to – “Eat Right; Win The Fight”.  GTfit is not just a workout it’s a way of living.  It’s not just an idea I am pushing to my members but a philosophy I want them to mold into their own way of living.  I don’t force these down your throat but lay it in front of you and let you decide what’s more realistic and functional.

Anyway, Ben is on his way to fully understanding the concepts.  Also, he lost 5 lbs already but the real success is from his lactic threshold and consistency.  He almost was “hands down; man down” today but he fought through it.  Very proud of his progress.  Please support him!


Live Life,



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