Mari 3/21 “Focus”

Dear Team GTfit,

Yesterday, it was once again Mari’s turn to go through one of my intense GTmetrix and GTstrike session.  She came in almost out of gas due to lack of sleep.  I knew yesterday would be more about a mental push than a physical.  I simplified her routine and focusing once again on her trouble spots.  We did a nice quick warm up and then proceeded to the Tabata Protocol session.  It was (5) movements x 5 intervals x 4 second rest in between movement.  Her gas was at empty by the time the warm up was done.  But I kept pushing, I had to break her out her mental distraction.  Her tank might be empty but in reality she had a lot in reserved.  She powered through the initial first 2 intervals and by the 3rd and fourth she was heating up but ready to vomit.  Now was the time to teach her to refocus and find her center.  This is a valuable lesson in any sports or competitive competition.  Focus is key and applying it in everything you do can make the difference between success and failure.  Mari told me she is happy about the results that she sees.  So I have to force the mental distractions out.  So we power up even more.  She did water bottle squat cleans.  Although she is doing a support on the bottle this was still a tough 5interval x 5rep on each side x 5 second rest (see the video).  We simplified her movements and so far very effective.  I notice she is leaner and stronger!

GTstrike came after this session which truly pushed her cardio up even more.  At this time, the Gatorade G2 course through her veins and showed me her more confident strikes.  I was very impress.  She learned new striking combos and excelled as I pushed her lactic threshold once again.  It was a good 1hr 10min session.  Her determination and heart is the reason she is here.  I am more than confident we will reach our goal by May.  As long as she focus on her eating and rest day and sleeping we should be good.

She’s off today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  So with the rest time we’ll refocus for Friday.

Live Life,



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