Break a Routine

Dear Team,

Today for lunch I decided to eat  Plyo Boxes and leg training to strengthen my legs.  I did sprint drill box jumps – 4 intervals.  Box jumps another 3 intervals (although I am still too heavy to do this fast I am getting myself fine tuned to do a 3.5′ jump in June.  I then proceed with TRX rope system thereafter for a 3 movement x 3 interval.  I added (3) iso strength workouts as well.  Just to break the mundane routine I added 15 intervals x 3 movements x 8 sec rest routine (  And then to finish my abs added another 4 interval x 8 sec rest session.  To cool down I blasted my heart rate with a Tabata stationary bike ride.  So far my ankle is getting stronger.  Still some pain but getting there.  My knee is also getting better but taking a break this week and next week from my usual long runs and that should do it.

It’s always important to break your workouts and focus on what makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes (not necessarily until injury) but enough to be hot and bothered and bring your HR to a nice 145-155 pace.  When you’re at the gym sometimes adding in a cardio move into you iso routine can make a difference.  Some people love being in the gym for hours.  Me, I go in and out.  Why not let your body experience a little push from time to time so you never plateau.

I enjoyed my 1hr lunch break.  Always challenge yourself.  LIFT!

Live Life,



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