Sha 3/24 “In The Beginning”

Dear Team,

Today was the beginning of a beautiful new teamwork.  I present you Sharida Jones.  A mom, wife, a friend, a fighter, and today even more….a GTfit member.  She has the smile of an angel and the heart of an assassin.  She started with light cardio (my usual intro to GT).  As I saw her sweating but not fully exploding I ante up the workout.  She breeze through her first GTmetrix set-up – 3 movements x 6 intervals and 8 second rest each interval.  She did not stop after that.  Her second phase workout was a little less intense but it had more intervals.  By the 3rd workout it became an anaerobic session.  From the way she was breathing I can tell she really is fighting it.  She impressed me to say the least.  I only know one other GTfit member who pushes like this and she was the original first member, Rachelle.  She got up to her 3rd session and her threshold kicked in but amazingly she pushed through.  I feel bad, most of my women clients have a longer threshold than the men.

It’s really amazing how a person can push through my sessions and not even do them before.  Her breathing is excellent and she picked up on it like nothing.

Anyway, check out her video and this is the beginning of her progression.  Please subscribe to the blog to see her weekly evolution. She has a goal that we already set and will expose it at the end.  It’s realistic and I know we can do it.  She is very inspiring and her energy is awesome.


Live Life,



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  1. Soooooo proud of you Sharida!!!!! Love u girl!!!!!

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