GTfit Mari 3/25/2011 “Strike The Stress Away”

Dear Team,

This is a late post but it’s important that I do this.  Mari has been really zoning in the eating habits.  This has been crucial to her JIIT challenge and has been helping her survive all the training sessions.  Friday’s session was consisted of GTcardio and GTpower training.  I mixed it with a great GTstrike as well.  Her day seemed to have drained the positive energy out of here.  I needed to recreate a new session for her.  As far as her strength it has doubled from when she started.  Her form is now a little more structured and well-balanced.  I also noticed her posture during sessions are better.  However, I still do not like how she handles stressors.  She will get there eventually.  I am very impress however with how much she achieved in such a short time.  I didn’t think I would let her workout with the guys until in May.  I was wrong.

The fire burns deep…She needs to unleash it.


Live Life,



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