TEAM GTfit 3/26/2011

Dear Team,

Yesterday was a great session as always.  It was a chilly 34 degrees.  The wind was blowing chills down people.  The team broke off for warm-ups into two groups for a run.  The session started with my usual tormenting intervals.  It was also Sabrina Cardenas first day back after 3 months of no GTfit.  The winter really is horrible and it cripples people drive to do anything.  We did (4) sessions total.  Johann Florendo took lead of one of the sessions and nearly took out the full team but Sou Florendo mustered up the strength to do the full 3-interval-3-movement torture and overcame her pain.  The team did great but we suffered a set back with one member.  It’s key to always fuel your body with the proper food and nutrients.  Without the proper food intake day before you will notice a lag on the workout and performance of your body.  I cannot stress this enough.

I am very proud of my Saturday group.  It’s only the beginning of the season and we are all already in the grind of things.

Live Life,




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