TEAM GTfit 3/27/2011 “POWER UP!”

Dear Team,

Today I started my first official Sunday group back again.  After doing a morning run with Tristan and Urban Jungle members I felt awesome.  Josh and his team really have a great synergy.  Today however was my first trial of a more scientific approach to GTpower.  It was supposed to be a great test for most of the members.  Surprisingly enough everyone surpass my expectations.  The group today was focused and was working as one.  It was a quiet and yet loud workout.  The workout alone had (5) sessions consisted of (5) movements in each one – a total of 4 intervals per movement, if you do your math this was 100 intervals total and then I added a 10 interval GTcore session.  It was a great finisher.

The team really pulled it together.  Mari Castro who I invited to workout with the guys was the heart today.  She deserves so much credit for not quitting and really pushing herself to do the weights and the movements with the guys.  Remember it was GTpower which meant we were using freeweights, olympic bars, kettlebells, and even the weighted vest.

Much props to all the members: Roy, Alex, and Mari.

Live Life,



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