Ben 3/29/2011 “GT1000”

Dear Team,

Today was another beautiful day out.  Birds were still out, squirrels was looking for food, and Ben was transforming into the Thing.  Today was my experimental trial of a new workout called the GT1000.  Yes, it’s exactly the name 1000 reps of multiple movements.  Today Ben did just that and under 2 hrs.  Usually people would go through a workout with 500 reps.  Ben totally exceeded my expectations.  Also, pushing his breathing threshold further.  I been timing him and his breathing asthma like attacks.  His first initial attack took 20 minutes from his first session and now it took 58 minutes.  That’s a good sign of his lungs getting stronger.  I am proud of Ben as he fought through today’s challenge.  It was a full body massacre.  The 1000 shots was to hit every part of his being.  GTmetrix, GTcardio, GTpower, and GTstrike – all was done today in 1hr and 34 minutes.  Hope we can better the time next time around.

You sometimes can’t measure your accomplishments by how good you look – sometimes it’s by how good you feel.


Live Life,



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