GTfit 4/3/2011 “In This corner..”

Dear Team,

It’s been a while since I posted and I apologize.  I lost my internet subscriber and now I have to adapt.  Anyway, Super Sets Sunday just passed and I am happy to announce a new surviving member Zeke Castro.  He managed to survive one of my toughest challenges yet for the team.  This is a guy who told me he has chronic lower back pains.  He still pushed through without injuries.

Sunday is my new GTpower Sundays.  specialize for explosive and what I call Isolate-Functional movements.  It’s a crossfit session designed for explosive power within high intervals.  It’s ironic because they say power comes from short-term.  Well I beg to differ.  Control your movements, pace your muscles and require help from small ones and you got yourself a well-oiled machine than can take on 2hrs of weight and crossfit training.  Yesterday session consisted of back and, shoulder, and chest muscles, as well as my new infamous 8-rings which is now literary 16×2… Yes the rings have multiplied.  Anyway, proud of the team especially Mari for sticking with the group and proving she can handle the workout.  She can now curl 45lbs, able to do burpees, and push-ups.  Her whole demeanor has changed.  Also, Roy listened and changed his eating habits.  It’s funny how taking out one thing from your eating can determine how much more improvements you can gain.  Salt was his roadblock and he was able to control it.  No cramps this weekend for him.  Alex Cardenas also powered up and even after doing an 11mile run in the am he managed to finish through the workout.  I am so proud of the improvements.  I am revising my system and will be happy to share as my team progress.  Please support the teams improvements and subscribe to this blog.


MEET MY NEW WORKOUT (Burpee to Broad x Jump to Bear Crawl) both movement counts as 1 rep – x 6 – ENJOY!

Live Life,



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