GTfit 3/31/2011 “Sick or Sick of being..”

Dear Team,

Today it was Sharida’s turn to get on the GTfit pain train.  However, our warrior was sick coming into GTfit.  But this did not deter me from making sure she gets 100% of the GT session.  Today it was my freestyle session mixing up GTmetrix, GTcore, and GTstrike.  It’s so great to see determined and driven people.  It makes my job as a trainer so much more fulfilling.  Today, I gave her own goal shirt.  It’s an XL in women’s.  I am confident to see her in this shirt by August.  She’s been eating properly and just to see her support system is really doing his best to eat right it helps.  The results will come through hard work and doing what I ask.  First 2-months with GTfit is the toughest because it’s trying to understand my methods and technique.  Ben and Sharida are a team and this is what we need in GT in order to succeed.  I want to make sure things are good with them and will help them fight through their struggles and meet their goals in the end.

As I told Sharida I am here for all the support but she will need to walk this path and not deviate until we get to the destination.  I am more than confident that the results will be a shocker.  I am proud of her as she sweat and grunted throughout the workout while fighting to breath and fighting to fight off the virus.  That is a warrior, and she is a fighter.  She experience one of my many GTfreestyle sessions since she was feeling sick I had to make sure the movements really pushed her cardio a little to force the virus out but at the same time paying attention to her form so she does not get hurt.  Just because I push her hard doesn’t mean I should slack on perfect technique.




Live Life,



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