GTfit 4/4/2011 “DUALITY”

Dear Team,

On Monday 4/4/2011 we began an experimental stage of GTfit.  I had Mari and Zeke working out together.  What makes this a little difficult it’s because Mari is a little more advanced and Zeke has back issues.  So there was a lot of factors involved to make this a difficult session.  But while doing multiple changes in the workout I figured out a simple science to their session.  If they both use their strong muscles and then support it with some weak ones both will push each other to move as one.  The workout on Monday was lite due to the fact Sunday’s was Zeke’s first one and it was literally one of my hardest sessions.  Zeke’s back is weak but not as weak as he described initially.  It will take some work but you will see a lot of improvements.  Anyway, I never got to take an image of them both.  But take heed – these two are great workout partners.  They mesh well and conformed to each other and move in one tempo.  This is GTduality…

to be continued…


Live Life,



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