GTfit 4/5/2011 “GO H.A.M.”

Dear Team,

Today Ben took his first ever fit test.  To be honest I expected his performance to hit around 40-45% of my range for his weight.  I was proven wrong.  His stats during the fit test also watching his break time and ability to recover was astonishing.  It’s because he’s been doing the homework diligently, and also because he eats properly but his fit test resulted in the 65 percentile.  I was very happy also the fact this guy was moving like he’s 200 lbs really showed me he wants this.  Even during the fit test he would look at me while sweat was pouring down and would say “WHATS NEXT?”. This to me is a dedicated member and I am proud to help him reach his goals.

He requested for arms today so I took him to my favorite GT session – GTpower.  It involved simple iso-functional movements which also had some cardio aspects to it.  Some explosive and some were down right painful.  But like they say GT pain is your body’s way of getting rid of stress.  I am proud of my new systems as it has been helping my clients improve in every aspect.  Less than a month Ben has already showed signs of weight loss as well as muscle increase.  Anyway, today we also did Vale Tudo (everything goes) strike to take downs mixed with Sambo.  He learned the basic principle of the 1-2 hit and double leg.  For a big guy he swarms like the a panther.  Vicious ground and pound as well, I have soreness to prove it.  The kid went H.A.M. (hard as a motha).

Anyway, hope to see more progression from this man.  It’s been officially been a month now, and now the sessions just get more intense.


Today also I decided to run after the workout.  I felt really heavy again and plus today was chilly.  But it did not stop me from building some momentum.  Funny thing happened while I was about to hit my 3-mile marker.  While I ran pass by a tree a bird decided to drop a bomb on me and it landed right on my face.  It was cruel but it woke me up.  It made me appreciate that I was outside enjoying nature, appreciating life.  As I ran I thought of this quote: “As we become increasingly involved in technology, science, and business, we should not lose that instinct, that feeling for the earth. Running is a very beautiful way to bring out those healthy feelings” – Bill Rogers.  Running is really relaxing.  I never thought I would itch for runs.  Even though I always push myself and not listening to my gut when I should be doing easy runs.  But I am actively stretching and improving my strides.


Live Life,



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