GTfit 4/6/2011 “Any Given Sunday”

Dear Team,

Rainy night in NYC but it does not stop my GTduality team Mari and Zeke Castro.  Today I created the first ever workout plan using this technique.  So what is GTduality – two systems combined together in an 1-on-1 fashion by means of involution operation – If A is to B then B is to A. The new system is nothing new it’s just using strength of one and utilizing weakness of the other and vice versa.  The two did GTduality – core x cardio.  I am also using time against time to see how when lactic threshold hits.  It was a session that was supposed to be 1hr and 30mins but due to some changes it took longer but I was amazed of how the two literally pushed each other and helped each other throughout the workout.  It was my usual explosive sessions but it was controlled and it really required the members to help each other out.

Zeke is really showing improvements in just less than a week.  This is the same guy on December who told me he was afraid of training because of his weak back.  This guy now did burpees, broad jumps, power ups, and even doing plant to side plank to low plank movements.  His eating regimen is so far on point and I love the energy he produces and he is pushing his sister to kick it up a notch.  This man is strong and I am pushing him to be stronger.

Mari today truly showed me how much she has excelled from pushing herself to keep doing sit-ups even after hip pain, she was able to knock out the movements with less stoppage.  As well as helping her brother knock out my final session and beat their time.  As you can see from the board the core session improved.  It improved as they went on and the both came out beating their first session by 15sec.  These two really pushed the envelope and lived the by saying “Any Given Sunday” as they powered through the last 5 minutes it’s obvious they really are what GTfit is all about.  Heart, determination, and fire.  LIFT!

Amazing how people can really push eachother with the same synergy.  GTduality is the new creation and hoping it will not be the last.  Today’s session proved with GTfit is all about.


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