GTfit 4/7/2011 “Forgive-knees”

Dear Team,

As I take the time to really put into play what I was about to put Sharida through today I thought of her strengths and re-evaluate her weakness.  The best thing you can do for your client as a trainer is to challenge them.  Why have them feel like things get easy in the beginning when you can make feel like they accomplished a ton by pushing them to the edge and let them triump in the end.  Today this saying hold true.  Sharida was tired but her smile was still bright.  This little flint was about to transform to a nova.  Her warmup was a gruesome 8min GTcardio session.  This was supposed to push her body to get a response out.  Sadly her knees was the first to go.  I expected her foot or her lower back but it was a small knee pain.  But we all know what small knee pain is all about.  It’s from stress during the day and from limited motion and warm-up.  However, I told her I was going to adapt without changing too much movements.  She was showing signs of defeat and I knew I had to kick it out of her.  Much like Mari during her first month. 

Key to motivation is adding discomfort to distract your brain from being negative or quitting.  Needless to say I was impressed.  We transformed GTcore to GTmetrix.  I literally had to revised the half of workout but as she can testify they were not easier than the original.  Muscle confusion was key here.  Get the small muscles to participate to support the bigger ones. 

Anyway, I had to revise her session and even though we were off by a little the timing was still on point and I was impressed by her power.  I also tested one of my new workouts with Sha.  I think will name it “pusha”.  I am really proud of her accomplishment and in less than a month she lost 6 solid pounds.  I am seeing more improvements and the fact that she does her homework and eats properly is the reason for her continual loss.  Doing her homework, eating well and doing GTfit once a week are three elements that will make her aggressive body/mental transformation faster.  I am very proud of Sharida and hoping to see more results.  Girl was pushing me today during the pusha session and I was thinking in a months time she might push me down.  FEAR NOT OF WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF; FEAR OF NOT TRYING.  In the end you cannot ask yourself for forgiveness for missing out.  That’s a regret you have to live with and take to your grave.


Live Life,



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