GTfit Zeke 4/8/2011 “Power of sound”

Dear Team,

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Today was Zeke’s first ever solo session.  As he was getting used to GTduality there is a different mood when doing GTsolo.  The session today was a freestyle session.  Nothing was pre-written everything was by what I felt was fitting for Zeke’s mood.  He was up beat as usual but had some stress in him.  He was a drum ready to be hit and scream out with fury.   His body has been receiving the training routine and got strong enough to catch up to it.  So today I wanted to switch the session up and let him feel what GT was all about.

We did a lot of low-impact motions but effective.  Because this is GT it was of course going to be fun.  Keeping in mind Zeke has a lower back weakness.  Well today we pushed it to the limit today and I was happy with the results.  I had him do pull ups and chin ups on the Pull-up buddy rack.  So he did awesome.  I put in account that he kept saying that he was not strong when it comes to these workouts but I am sure he was shocked with the results.  We kept pushing on and I literally created a HIIT session for Zeke that incorporate stability, iso, and cardio moves.  The warrior within started to come out with each beat, each sweat drop, each tick from my timer.  To see a person transform to an animal before your eyes truly shows that this energy can be awaken in everyone.  You just have to be willing to accept it and let yourself go.

Zeke will be showing more great results as he stay focus with his eating and constantly checking himself.  He is definitely focused and is willing to follow my lead.  He expects results in 3months…. What do you guys think? Check out the duality post and you can already see a difference. 

Enough words – check out his videos…



Also, please check the testimonial page as he tells me his initial view of GT.


Live Life,



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