GTD 4/11/2011 “Is it stable?”

Dear Team,

It’s been a while since I wrote in my blog.  Been really busy but it’s a good busy.  We often forget to smell the flowers when we are running laps all day.  So in my case is to smell my sole crunching on the pavement.  Today was my first time doing GTstability x Core.  It was fitted for my duality group the Castros.  They have proven to be very ready to take on this challenge.  Mari was feeling off in the beginning and I promised her that she would overcome if not Zeke showed her to the GT bucket.  It was an awesome session.  Each one lapsing at 12minutes each and 7 seconds rest between 8 intervals.  I won’t spoil the full session as it’s still a work in progress.  But below are some images and of course my video.

So Mari told me she was feeling off and unfocused.  This is something everyone must realize.  Your body is whatever your mind tell it to be.  But sometimes hormones plays a role on someones downfall.  Ever worked out and felt that you had to do it daily to feel good? That’s not always a good thing.  Your body needs rest and to heal.  So pay attention to what you are really feeling and re-adjust and re-focus. 


  Live Life,



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