GTduality 4/13/2011 “Low Impact”

Dear Team,

Another mean day in NYC! it’s really blah outside but my Duality team is ready.  Today was a slow start as far as setting up the routines.  I was re-using an old routine to build the team up.  But near the middle I noticed the two got used to the workout and seemed a little unfocused.  So I had to do a GTfreestyle session and blast them out of this dark abyss.  The workout transformed from a GTcore to a GTmetrix x core x power x strike workout.  Zeke named it GTcarpowrobics or something crazy.

Anyway, I am noticing a big change in Zeke’s attitude and body which is positive.  Mari is losing more inches and showing a lot of heart.  They both pushed through the 100’s bicep curls and both did the same weight.  Zeke really supported his sister and I was proud of the GTduality progress.  View the videos and see the synergy.  It started as a low impact progression but it turned out to be a full body transformation.

and finally the infamous 100’s


Live Life,



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