GTfit BEN 4/12/2011 “Mind Strong”

Dear Team,

Stress really plays a funny role in our lives.  It’s the tension and the overwhelming feeling that you get when you are pushed and tested mentally.  It drains your body dramatically and it sometimes stops you from doing what you love.  The session Ben and I had been therapeutic and low-impact but just getting him to push a little and lift his spirits up was the challenge.  The freestyle session was intense and I tried my best to keep focused on my clients need to release the stress.  A build up of this chemical can really have inverse effects on the body.  Ben has made a lot of changes already to his lifestyle and I was not going to let this obstacle stop his GT challenge.  We did an hour session of GTmetrix and GTstrike.  At the end it was music that calmed the beast.  He was striking so hard that it ripped the leather strap off my new focus mitts and left bruising on my right arm and soreness on my left.  I am proud of Ben.  Since March 8 he dropped down 30 full lbs (of fat and gaining leaning muscle).   As I see this man transform I see him shedding more than weight.  He is a great model to his son and an inspiration to his wife and family.  He carries the torch that lights up their home but knows as a team they have to be together and mind strong.  As a unit they are one and because of this support system.  Ben and Sharida are succeeding in GT and more so in life.  Lil B would be proud of his dad and all he is doing to make the family safe, healthy, and comfortable.  The next generation will be taught this type of work ethic and mind set and skills to survive.

KEEP FIGHTING MY FRIEND… Life can’t hold you down, only you can.


Live Life,



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