Dear Team,

A righteous man told me once “I try to do everything and be the best of it all I am not going to be young forever”.  This was the same man last year who finally agree to enter the fun world of what is now Group Therapy.  Today the same man trained with me and like the beginning the intensity does not disappoint.  Today the GT masters go at it.  Johann has been my friend for only a year and feels as though we been through these battles in ages.  This man shares the same fitness drive and same perspective about pain.  We do not let pain control us and prevent us from reaching our summit.  Today’s battle was an instant classic.

Today’s power training was a revised version of the killer session that made our knees buckle a month ago.  This 1hr and 45 minute session was a keeper.

We all push hard on the opposite direction we do not want to be.  We push hard to excel.  We push to avoid being trapped.  We push to inspire; to push…to LIFT.

More new movements and power session will be coming out of this.  Summer comes near and we need to be on top of our games.


Live Life,



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