GTfit Zeke 4/18/2011 “How To Inspire”

Dear Team,

Today it was Zeke’s turn for the 1-on-1.  He was a little down and told me about him messing up with eating.  Also, commenting on how he loses interest with training about 6weeks.  I told him it’s a matter of self-motivation.  Today he was blessed with my GTpower session.

Watching him go through the movements made me realize he needs a little push but once he get’s to the edge he is gung-ho.  He has the drive but afraid to step on the gas.  But once things are in line and in perspective his mood changes and becomes a warrior.  A warrior without fear and doubt.  His fear is what holds him back, much like everyone.  Today I drove him to the brink of muscle fatigue but with proper form he ignites inspiration and fire through the workout.  GT motivates and teaches people to think about life under a different light.  A lifestyle that could be molded and customize to your own but you have to be willing to accept and follow the guidelines.  The structure is the formula to success.  It was an awesome display of heart and will.  Thanks for trusting me!

I can’t wait to see his weigh-in numbers.  Watch the videos and please subscribe to the blog.


Live Life,



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