GTfit Rachelle 4/19/2011 “Rice On”

Dear Team,

With my worst client ever! She is always fighting me and pushes me to the edge.. All jokes aside, today Rachelle started her road to getting her body back.  It’s always a test to train someone close to you especially if you have to live with them.  I think my wife is my biggest challenge and today we go at it again.  Rachelle was actually the first unofficial pre-GT client.  We started the plyometrics back in 2009.  We use to train in the eve of winter.  So she knows how hard I push.  She actually did a lot of the moves I incorporate now but because of her shoulder issue and lower back pain she could not execute some moves.  But what she lacks in that she goes beyond with her determination and heart.  Rachelle would push beyond her pain threshold and would not admit she is hurting just so she won’t feel weak or defeated.  This woman has no limit at times when she puts her heart into it.  She delivers full steam and will not stop especially when she is focused.  But like everyone she lost her drive and stop training at this level.  So today we start over again.  She has been doing the Group sessions but I want her to do more 1-on-1.  So this is her road back to GTfit.

She did great today although it was a low-impact it was an awesome session.  Please support her as she power up again and get back in her old self.  She has a long road but with full support from me and the team she can do it.


Live Life,



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