GTfit Rachelle 4/20/2011 “It Hurts So Good”

Dear Team,

Today another tough session with Rachelle.  Her drive is running high so I have to take advantage.  She was put through my usual GTmetrix session today.  Today was all about the legs.  The biggest trouble spot of most women.  Today she experience my plyo box and plyo rings.  I really try to push her as hard as I could but without her pushing back she won’t reach her goal.  Anyway, I am very happy with today’s results.  She almost had shoulder pain but we slowed it down and then we went nuts right after.  As we progress I will push on and wield her focus and energy to reach her goal.

Rachelle has been struggling with her abdominal weight for some time now.  GTfit will focus on her core and leg areas.  I am more than confident she will start shedding in a month.  It’s all about discipline and focus at this point.

Although I was feeling sick today I managed to put together this wonderful session.  Like I said very proud of her.


Live Life,



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