MWduality 4/21/2011 “Ladies First”

Dear Team,

As I tried to put together a special workout for working moms I thought to myself.  What can they benefit from? What do they do the whole day.  It’s all about resistance and stability training.  I was very proud of the outcome as we started warm-up.  The girls were already on fire with just the warm-up.  Thereafter we did a 1.3 mile run.  I was proud of their pace and their stride.  We need to work on it a little more but for a starter run they did pretty well.  Sha and Rachelle we focused.

As we went along all the movements I can tell these girls were feeling the soreness and the impact of the movement.  It takes a special few mother’s to take the abuse like this but they been through worst battles.  They are strong-willed and very powerful but we just need to awaken the beast from within.  This was Rachelle’s 3rd straight day of training and this was Sharida’s first GTduality.  I think we might make this a regular training session and see how Sharida works out.

She has been showing a strong effort and I am proud of her push.  She really is shedding more than weight.  As women gain weight there are more than pounds that holds them down.  It’s also the weight from insecurity and self-consciousness from the added weight.  GT LIFTS all this away as they shed the extra unwanted pounds.  Sharida is on the right path and with Rachelle next to her or Ben as she does her training they will all benefit from the duality sessions.

Rachelle’s fire is building as she does GT consistently.  I am proud of her courage and unwilling to give up.  I am proud to train her even when it’s a conflict of interest.  I rather battle her in the field any day.  I know she has a lot of fire waiting to blaze the GTfield.  Can’t wait to do more sessions.

I was close to making these two throw up and this was the reason why…

After seeing this I leave you with the words from Mahatma Gandhi “Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will. Are you ready for the GTfit challenge?


Live Life,



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